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Used Hoyt RX3 ULTRA


Used RX3 ULTRA. This bow is in perfect condition. There isnt one single scratch or skuff on the whole bow. 
  • 29-30 IN Draw length 
  • 50-60 LBS
  • Extra Strings And Cables 
  • Truglo Carbon 5 Pin sight 

ATTN: When buying a bow online it voids the warranty with just about all brands. As we supply you with this info buy at your discretion. We stand by our products and you will be happy with your purchase. All info is in the product listing proof read before you buy, also draw length are as is it will be your responsibility to go to a dealer and get the right modules to fit you. There will be a 48 Hour handling time frame before the item ships....make sure you understand that, mostly its sooner then that but keep in mind that 48 is possible.
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