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Primos Double Bull Blinds


As hunters buying equipment, particularly treestands or ground blind, we always ask ourselves “Will this be comfortable?” “Will this keep me hidden?” “Will this last more than one season?”. The Primos team designed our ground blinds with questions like that in mind. Modern material and engineering has allowed us to design and build the most reliable, easy to assemble, and stealthy Hunting Blind on the market.

Our Double Bull Surroundview 360 Ground Blind and Deluxe Go Ground Blind have zipperless doors that allow a silent entry and exit, but getting in and out is only half the battle. The ability to set up quick, fast, and quiet is KEY to successfully hunting in a pop up blind. For that reason we have created a patented Double Bull Hub System that gives you a fast and quiet deployment. We have multiple blind options that offer different viewing windows, from 180 degrees to the Surroundview 360. If you are looking for comfort and concealment, hunt in a Double Bull. You won’t be disappointed.

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