Ozonics Dry Wash System

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In a perfect world you would wash your hunting clothes before and after every hunt. This is hunting and there is no perfect world. That is why we created Dri-wash. Use in conjunction with your HR300 or HR200 and harness the power of your Ozonics Unit. With a specially designed airflow system, the Dri-Wash ensures efficient and effective odor elimination for all your hunting gear.

Harnesses the scent destroying power of your Ozonics™ Unit by delivering ozone through-out the specially designed airflow system ensuring efficient and effective odor elimination
Durable and quiet dual zippers for reliable, non-snag operation, with large finger pulls for easy access
Fully Deployed Dimension: 34” tall x 26” wide x 11” deep
Constructed with oxidation resistant materials for rugged durability
Built in hanger system to ensure maximum garment deodorization
Collapsible design for easy travel and storage when not in use
Heavy-duty integrated hanging system for use anywhere