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Higdon Magnum Shell Mallard Variety Pack


Higdon Magnum Full Form Shell Upright Mallard Duck Decoy 6 Pack

Portability. Durability. Spot-on coloring. These ultra lightweight, packable full body shells from Higdon fit the bill when it comes to open field mallard hunting. Motion stake system allows movement in even the slightest breeze and enables the decoy and stake to be carried in one hand as one complete unit. Drakes have Flocked heads for the ultimate in realism, and all come with removable, adjustable swivel heads that rotate 360 degrees so you can fully customize the poses in your spread. Load up on some before you head out to your favorite dry-field set-up and experience the results for yourself. Variety pack includes 1 Upright Head Drake, 1 Low Head Drake, 2 Feeder Drakes, 1 Low Head Hen and 1 Feeder Hen. Package includes 6 decoys and 6 stakes. 

Product Details 
  • Drake Upright: 17.875" Beak to Tail, 7.75" Wide; 12.55 oz; 
  • Drake Low: 18" Beak to Tail, 7.75" Wide; 13.26 oz; 
  • Drake Feeder: 20.25" Beak to Tail, 7.375" Wide; 14.37 oz; 
  • Hen Upright: 17.875" Beak to Tail, 7.625" Wide; 11.98 oz; 
  • Hen Feeder: 20.25" Beak to Tail, 7.375" Wide; 13.28 oz; 
  • *Dimensions and weights may vary
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