Drawnt To Whitetails- D2W T-Shirts

Drawnt To Whitetails- D2W T-Shirts

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We are a group of avid deer hunters and outdoorsmen who are based in Western Kentucky. We will take you chronologically through the year explaining what we do in the off season and updating you on our hunts during the season.
What To Expect

Each week we will strive to post a weekly radio show and a video pertaining to what is going on right now in the outdoors. We want our content to be relevant and applicable to your current situations.

We understand that lives are fast paced, and our goal is to keep our shows as informative as possible. Sometimes the stories will take longer, but this is our goal. We aren’t all about the fluff, we are meat and potatoes kind of guys.

Our focus will be on sharing information and we have a reason for this. We are always trying to better ourselves and our spots, and believe a lot of others are striving to do this too. We want to share the whys and hows of what we are doing.

We hope this post helps you know what to expect from us going forward.


Benji Stringer, Drew Ramage, Josh Yancey, Jeremy Case, Dale Wilson, Tony Houser