Badlands Camera Day Pack

Badlands Camera Day Pack

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When we set out to design the perfect companion piece to the Badlands Camera Bag, we vowed to make it smaller and faster than its brother while somehow packing in even more features. After working with photographers on the design and in the field- we can comfortably say, "mission accomplished." Having perhaps more features than we’ve ever packed into any daypack, the Camera Day Pack will protect your investment flawlessly while still hauling all of your hunting gear to your favorite spot. You won’t want to look away from this one- take a picture, it will last longer.

Customizable Interior Dividers for Camera Equipment
Built-in camera Shelf (removable)
Rapid-Access Exterior Opening
Bucket Lid Closure for Weather Protection
Magnetic Closure for Quick Access
Built-In Rain Fly
Hideaway Hipbelt
Dropout Boot for Rifl