Jackson Kayak Rogue 9' Kayak (2014)
Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak Rogue 9' Kayak (2014)

Sale price $780.00 Regular price $1,099.99

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"The Rogue is designed to handle Class 3+ whitewater with ease, but thanks to its longer waterline and a retractable skeg, it tracks well and is fast so you can enjoy extended flatwater conditions too. It has a storage hatch in the back and a unique removable front wall for storage for multi-day trips. This kayak is nimble, stable and drives well in whitewater but also has the shape and speed required to make long flatwater paddles more enjoyable and less work. The Rogue comes in two sizes 9 foot and 10 foot."


  • Length: 9'4"
  • Width: 26"
  • MSRP (US $): $1099.99
  • Total Capacity: 200lbs
  • Weight (Pounds): 44lbs

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