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Arrow FOC

March 10, 2021

Arrow FOC

As we travel down the controversial FOC realm in archery we have to first ask what is FOC? Well, it is the element that effects the trajectory of the arrow. It also adds kinetic energy to the shaft when it reaches its target. So over the years as we have built arrows we go to the basic's. As one would like to think point weight up front and vanes on the end would make a change to the flight of the arrow. It is a little more then that, I mean speed, draw length and draw weight play an important role in the equation. Honestly, the lightest you can get at the back of the arrow and a some added point weight in the front is a great place to start. Most people are concentrated on front weight and nothing else, which will get results but not the best option in the full build. Everything should be considered when building a set of hunting arrows. Like weather, elevation, and humidity. For example, your going out West at a decent amount of elevation where it rains a lot. Your not going to want to use most feathers because lets face it they don't hold up well in the rain. On the other hand your hunting in LBL area during deer season where you don't see a lot of perception, feathers are such a great tool to use in a FOC hunting setup. Like I said before these are opinions backed by experience in the field and the shop. Its not all that hard to pick your hunting setup, but having some help in the right direction never hurts. Happy Hunting and God Bless!

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